Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

End of the quarter QUOTES!

Professor Richmond --
"Should I eat this?" *sniff, sniff* "Yes! Should I drink this?" *sniff,sniff* "NO!"
"This is not funny! It's science!"
"They took out their eyes...."
"There ain't nothin' like that on Earth."
"If you're a really good astronomical schmoozer, you can get lots of money out of rich people."
"It's a good thing you're not [him], because then you wouldn't be here."
"This one's really cool... because it gets BIGGER!"
"Your right leg is pretty important."
"It took pictures all around the sky of space!"
"Helium just bounces, bounces, bounces off."
"This is increasing a lot. This is increasing a lot, lot."
"There were multiple poofs."
"And now you have frozen, melted continents - which would make a really good name for a dessert."
"I heard someone say 'Al Simone'! Put your books away. We are having a quiz."
".... happy-go-lucky atmostsphere of hydrogen...."
"There's just naked nuclei running around."
".. and you get this runaway SHRINK!"
"it's not unlike ..... parallax.... WHOOHOOO!"
"... and let him throw it up. With his hand. Not swallow and throw it up."
"some of these are middle-y bright."
"That's HellaFaint!"
"But they're(M&M's) crunchy and sweet. Who cares about [extra credit] points?!"
"There are very few galaxies living by themselves on desert islands in the middle of the sky."
"They have a butt-load of data."
"Way to go Polish astronomers!"
"5% of billions is lots."
"All your fishes will die, too, and they won't get a chance to become football players."
"Our telescopes don't detect football stadiums on planet X around Alpha Centuri."

Professor Harnish --
"Men are dispensible. That's why we send them to war."
"So if you want an agressive child, beat them."
"Everybody else was happy, Randy gets an ulser."
"I don't care if she's crying, laughing, jumping up and down or running a gambling ring."
"You came to class and you make the mistake of being sober."
"Drinking urine has been big in cultures."
"Freud's dead, so he can't clarify it for us."
"Diarehha of the personality."
"I'm gonna re-birth you, and it's going to be expensive."

Prof. Sonstein--
"So, who gives a shi-- excuse me... who gives a da--..... Who cares?!?"
"Who is bored to tears by networking details? I'm raising my hand!"

Prof. Axlerod--
"So, here's this button that you can just wack off when you want to start streaming"
"Oh no! I have a parasitic creature in my head!!!!... veiwing things..."
"I will have to bribe him with some delisious brownies, or something."
"another dislexic moment, brought to you by me."

Prof. Phelps:
" 'He taught us this cool thing today! There was like this red marker and this lap top...' and people will be like 'bye-ee...' "
"Do not talk, happy fun ball."
"Vvvrrrrrooooom! I can make you sick!"
"Today, I'm gonna e'splain that more better."
"I, again, if you are not artistly inclinded, encourage you to steal stuff."

Classmates --
*Professor brings ound a soccer ball and a tennis ball*
Student - "This is where it gets dangerous."

Student - "Greed: The desired to screw over everyone else for our own personal gain."
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