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Trip home...

Well, that was fun and scary as hell.

I turned the computer on, and then I went to do my crunches and comb my hair, and when I got back the computer was not started up yet(this was about 10 minutes). Probably not a good thing. So I turn it off. Turn it on again. I make it start-up in safe-mode.... just barely boots. Then I reboot from safe-mode to go back to normal... just barely boots. I have to ask Mom what's up...

Okay, so I figured I'd post about yesterday.
Left Rochester around 9:15, after I got gas and talked to my Astronomy professor(I gots me a B!). Got to Mike's around 11:15... no traffic is so nice. :-) When I got there, I realized I hadn't eaten breakfast(every stop on the thruway I was going to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts, but there weren't any!!!).... so Mike made us Toster Strudel thingies... I haven't had one of those in ages.. yummy. :-) I checked my e-mail we watched some Star Trek episodes about the Borg so that I had the background information to watch First Contact later on. Then we did some errands. Picked up his check, went to the bank, and then we went to his parent's house and I got to meet his mom. :-) She even made us lunch! Yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup. :-) It was very cool. Then we stopped at this Dollar Grocery store. A Grocery store where everything's a Dollar! Awesome! Then we went back to his apt and watched First Contact..... and I wasn't confused. I'm very proud of myself for that. I think I'm actually learning the stuff..... which is more than I can say for Streaming Media class. :-P Although, I've been noticing that when I watch a mov or avi file, that I find myself thinking about what kind of codec they used... atleast I got something out of that class. By the time First Contact was over, it was around 6 and I had planned to leave around 6:30 to get home around 11... and then Mike pointed out to me that in order to get home around 11, I'd have to leave at 8. Silly me. We went to Denny's for dinner, my treat. I don't know what it is about the restaurant, but it attracts the weirdest people. I'm reminding myself not to get dragged there unless it's after 10pm. :-P I am such a something.

Finally left by 8:15 or so.... I made decent time getting home. 11:20. The drive was uneventful, but dark. Next time I'm taking 81 the whole way down instead of taking the turnpike part of the way... that was wierd. I don't know what MapQuest was thinking... *shrug* The lights around Scranton were absolutely beautiful... and the sky was perfectlly clear. Orion in all his glory was out my driver's side window almost the whole drive. :-) Very cool..... I could see the nebula, too, which was neat. It was strange driving the whole way in the dark, but there was no Fog(even in the Fog Zones) and I didn't see any deer(which was surprising considering all the deer signs... they must have been sleeping). So that was good. Got lost after I got off of 81 to get home, though... well, not lost, I just made a wrong turn after I got off of 81... I realized it right away though, so I didn't end up going over the mountain. :-P And then now that The Porch and the EAT SLEEP sign are gone, there is a new Restaurant on that corner called The Crossroads. It's gorgeous, and it's strange because it has a LED sign out by the road... across from the little Motel that still advertises that they have Color TV.... everything is changing.

Did get home okay, no exciting anticipation about turning in the driveway though... it's true what they say, you can't go home again. :-/
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