Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I always dream at home...

I had a dream last night, and it's starting to slip away from me... but we'll see how this goes.

I saw Elizabeth and Julia(from Encore). Julia totally ignored me, and Elizabeth waved, but then it looked like Julia was mad at her for waving to me... Elizabeth frowned and continued walking with Julia.

We were at the hockey game. Kinda. Bleachers more like a football game. But crude, very crude. There were cookies. My car was pulled up behind the bleachers and people were storing their cookies in my trunk. Mike was saving my seat on the bleachers while I supervised the cookies going into the trunk. Then I had to leave for some reason, and when I came back, there was a long line to get in the stadium because they were handing out copies of the Reporter to everyone who went through the doors. I didn't want one, so I snuck around. I went to my seat with Mike and I think Heather was there too... but I had to keep getting up and checking on things, I don't even remember if there really was a game going on at all.

Once people started to leave, Tom was cleaning up the area, but some people had left cookies in my car. I didn't want to leave 'til all the cookies were out of my trunk. So, I took the cookies out and set them on the bleachers and told Tom that they were for some members of the corner crew that hadn't left yet(I actually recognized them in the dream, but I don't know their names!).... so then we left.. but I don't remember the rest.
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