Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

more... I'm talkative!

I spent a signifigant period of time fighting with colors last night for my Digital Music website. I finally decided on colors in the same spectrum... but not the colors I was originally thinking of. I really hope it turns out how I want it to. I'm thinking about using slices and stuff in ImageReady and making it look as professional as possible... but still funky. We'll see. I'm sure you'll hear more when I'm struggling with the CSS positioning in different browsers. :-P

So much for Fridays being free days. I've now got voice lessons at 10am and then Encore practice during activity hour... from 1-2. I'm thinking that if I need to go home I'm going to be skipping Encore, eventhough I really don't want to. At all. :-/ *sigh* I suppose Mondays or Wednesdays were out of the question.... or they were just being lazy. Either way, I just hope they understand. AHhhh! We have to be off of music by Tuesday! We have our first gig on Thursday! A week! We're going shopping on Saturday for shirts. I really like the one we've decided on this time around, I just hope that they have it in a size that'll fit me correctly. Darn trendy clothes. :-P
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