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Orange Man dream...

Okay. This was more like a nightmare, I suppose.

We were sitting in some sort of an auditorium. Mike was there and so were my grandparents. They were sitting a ways behind Mike and I. Mom and Dad and Liz and Albert were around... but in my dream they were labeled as "family members" type thing. There was a river running through the auditorium. Some sort of water treatment operations thing. Al of a sudden my knee started bleeding. All over the place. I was in my grandma's living room and I was bleeding onto the carpet. I kept trying to clean it up without getting more on there while trying to reach for a tissue. it was not working. finally got a tissue. someone else had wierd very absorbant tissues. got the bleeding under control. There was a weird growth on my knee. Then I realized I had another one of those somewhere else. I though I'd just skinned my knee. My mom said she would cut the growth off. I was scared. I didn't want her to cut anything off. I wanted to go to the doctor.

I jumped into the river in the auditorium. It lead down some really weird areas. I got out of the river in the basement of the Clark Gym. I went up the stairs on one side. There were very light orange foot prints on them. That meant the Orange Man had been here. I told the person at the desk that they should call the police right away because the Orange Man had been running around killing people for way to long and had to be stopped. I went down the stairs on the otherside. There were freash orange foot prints there. No one else would take my knowledge of the Orange Man seriously. I knew I was going to be his next victum. I don't even think the guy at the desk called the police.

We went to a little house near a forest and a meadow to hide from him. Next door to the house was another house. We went over there to talk to the neighboors. They were having a party on their poarch. I looked over towards the house and I saw an image of my great-grand parents(nana and pop-pop) sitting in rocking chairs. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. They looked a lot younger than I last remembered them before they died. They also looked extremely real and like they were coming towards us. Next thing I knew I just said, "Nana?" and they both got up out of their chairs and gave me and my mom big hugs. We had a nice quick reunion.

Then we were back in the other house. I was inside washing the dishes. I looked out the window into the front yard and saw my dad sitting at the picnic table. I went to wash the next plate and saw that there was orange stuff on it. The orangeman was here. I called 911 and told them the address... 135 Sprague street. They said they would be there right away. I went outside. The whole time I felt like someone was watching me from behind. I kept turning around. I went dirrectly to my dad. He was sitting stare-ing at the other half of the yard. "Dad? What's wrong?" He would not answer me. All he could do was point. The orangeman was sitting with my mom, sister and brother.

They were all blowing up orange balloons. He looked like a normal guy, but we all knew what he was going to do. He was showing them how to stretch the balloons far enough. Finally, my mom's balloon was big enough. He put it over his head.... like a robber or something. His face got all squished. I thought this would be a perfect time to tackle him. So I did. I knocked him off his feet and began to hit him as hard as I could. I got a big log from somewhere and then beat him with that. He would not act like I was hurting him at all. he just layed there and took it. I knew I wasn't hurting him. It was awful. Everyone just stood and watched. Finally, we turned and ran.

We dived in the river and tried to wash ourselves off. The river took us to this big holding tank under ground. There were lily pads and other things to hide behind. We knew he was going to be behind us soon. The only way out of the holding tank was to jump up and catch the ledge and pull yourself up through this square hole in the wall. I was going to get out of there. I jumped up and as I did, he came through the other whole. Orangeman and his 2 henchmen(I don't know where they came from, but one of them looked like Alan Cummings) grabbed my legs. I was trying to kick them, but to no avail. I can only assume that whoever else was down there finally pryed them off of me. I got up and ran. Ran ran ran. Through a meadow with tall purple wildflowers.

But I was leaving a trail because the flowers were getting flattened as I ran. I started running in circles, crossing my own path, and trying to make it very confusing to follow... I even doubled back a couple of times. Orange man was smart, but his henchmen weren't. I was counting on them to slow him down. I ran and ran and ran and ran. Finally I got to a clearing. Had to hide. No where to hide. Damn. Then I was in the same clearing in an enclosure.

Mom and Liz were in there with me, too. It was a large box type thing made out of glass and iron. The top was open, but the sides were very high. There was room for the three of us and maybe 3 more people. We knew no one else could get in unless they knew exactly how to sing the magic song. No one would figure it out. Even if they made us tell them, it wouldn't work. We felt safe, but scared because no one knew where we were or that we were in this box. We didn't know how to get out. But we were safe, and that was good enough.

holy crap, I remembered the whole thing. The part with the wild flowers was a lot like a video game 'cuz I was seeing it from the top down.
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