Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Awesome, awesome, awesome.
A few things:

Beginning exposition: Great, but I don't think I woulda got it if I hadn't read the books.
I HEART Gimli. :-)
Legolas, be mine. :-D
Or if, he won't, I'll take Aragorn. :-P

More awesomeness.

I don't remember the books well enough to know exactly what they did out of sequence, I definitely have to go back and read them at somepoint... maybe after Mike's done with the Hobbit, I'll start on them.

Thinking about tomorrow, I don't really know what I'm all set for Imaging Science, both the paper and the lab are complete. I don't know what to do about History of Gaming. I have some reading to do before class, but I think I'll be on the side of the debate that believes that economic downturn and society caused the crash of the arcade game and the gaming industry. Atleast, I could back that up if I need to. Digital Music, not much to prepare for. Have to take that online quiz. Have all the answers somewhere on FirstClass. Got my software today... will be playing with that over break. :-)

g'night all. :-D
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