Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Since I've been home... :-)

I got home, I wrapped a large pile of presents, did 6 loads of laundry, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and put Albert to bed after reading with him.
Plus random gopher stuff for my parents and unloading the car and setting up my computer.
And fixing the Christmas trees.

Our family did the Advent readings at church. Got home and made brunch, cleaned up from brunch, did a lot of wrapping, more laundry, brought Liz to Youth Group and successfully did not get roped into staying, Aunt Karin got here!, more wrapping, started decorating the house, watered the poinsettias, picked Liz up from Youth Group and went shopping so that Karin could start making cookies, made pasta with meat sauce(kick-ass!!!!) for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, got Karin ready to make cookies, listened to Christmas music CONSTANTLY, and now I have to work on my lab report.

I needed to write that all down. And still, it feels like I haven't gotten anything done yet. :-P

(Quote from Liz: "Mom! Can I do cornrows in your hair?")
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