Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Christmas... and it ain't over yet!

Left PA around 1pm(after saying we'd leave before 11am) and got to G&G's before everyone started arriving. Unpacked the car and got dressed for dinner. I helped Grandma with dinner... she had everything extremely planned out.... down to the minute. And then no one ever will sit down when it's ready... blah. Dinner for 25, excuse me 26 people. Wow.
After dinner, presents for the "families" were distrubuted. 5 out of 8 in attendance isn't bad! My sister and I found out that there were no plans to go to church and we got rather upset. Convinced Mom and Dad to take us. We went to the 10:15 service at St. Timony Lutheran Church in Wayne, NJ. Didn't get home until after midnight. Liz was freaking out when the day changed over to Christmas. :-) It was fun. The service was amazing! So much music... and the bell choir was awesome. In fact, I saw a guy there that I swear goes to RIT, but I'm not sure how I know him. I have to remember to say something to him if I see him on campus. :-P

Got home from Church. Went to bed. Didn't get up 'til 9am. I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, and we had sausage and rolls. Exchanged presents with G&G. I gave them a copy of the RITSingers CD. Grandfather was thrilled. He had actually asked me if I had any recordings of my groups just the night before... so he thought that was a riot. :-P Hung around until 3:30pm when we left for Uncle Ken and Aunt Sandy's house. Had a great dinner and dessert there. :-) Lots of fun. Too bad they can't do that every year! Got back to Grandma's late again.

I woke up at 10am thinking, "I hope mom and dad didn't leave for Ikea without me!" and the next thing I know dad bursts into the room to tell us that they are going to leave soon! He wasn't even going to ask us to go. But I told him I wanted to and got ready in 15 minutes. Liz slept 'til after noon. :-P Ikea was awesome. :-D I'm going to shop there to furnish my house/apt/etc. Great stuff.... very awesome... It was exciting and fun. :-D On the way home from Ikea, we got bread and rolls. :-D That made my day right there. :-P Finished a loaf when we got home. :-P Hung around 'til dinner time.. had roast beef and leftovers from Christmas Eve. Had cookies and coffee(or tea, or eggnog) for dessert and left around 9:15. Got home late.

27th: Got up around 10. Had breakfast... did some stuff... started some laundry... and it looks like I get to be Liz' chauffer for the rest of the day. :-) She wants to go SHOPPING!!! I just hope she realizes I'm not buying. :-P

We still have to exchange gifts at home... and have Santa visit... we haven't decided when to do that yet.
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