Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Christmas, 2003

Present List:
Heather: A Chorus Line DVD

Aunt Janice: Bracelet and Bookmark

G&G: Pants(to Liz), Juggling Balls(to Liz), Snowman Figure, Mini-Cards, TicTacs, Telescoping Snow Shovel,

Parents: Handheld Digital Voice recorder, AAA membership renewal, floormats for my car, windsheild wiper fluid, Salsa, Brita Filters, Metrenome(tb-exchanged?), C-C Pitchpipe (tb-exchanged?), 45-piece Screwdriver set, 2 pair pajamas, Red bike helmet, Marshmellow Peeps,

Albert: Light-up flashlight/pen(for raves :-P )

Shower poof, Mini "cucumber melon" nail polish remover, polish remover refill, 4 pairs (of very soft and very "stylish" according to Liz) socks, 4 chapsticks, 3 orange bracelets, 4 Blanket Pins(which will be put to good use), 3 regular and 2 mint-chocolate candy canes, 1 S'mores bar, and a bunch of Cat In The Hat Bubble-Yum. (There was also a bunch of little tiny black things in the bottom that resembled coal. We think it was from last year, but you can't be too sure about these things..... )

More Flakes:

Albert - "I am [a pain in the butt], aren't I? I don't want to loose my reputation!"
Albert - (paraphrased) "Mom, would you do that "Miracle of Birth"-thing, again? I'd really like a brother."
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