Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Survey Heather Posted:

Do you think Jesus should be depicted with a darker complexion? If he has to be depicted, I guess it should be accurate, yeah.
How long have you been a Christian for? 20 years and 8 months or so.
Should alcohol sales be allowed on Sundays? I don't see why not.
Is Jesus the Reason for the Season? Yeppers.
How many people attend your church? At home: around 100. At school: around 10.
Favorite Christian magazine? N/A
Your opinion of premarital sex? hmmmmmmmm.... *shrug*
Jesus is:
Lord Yes.
Liar No.
Lunatic Isn't everyone?
Something else my savior
Should women/girls have bare midriffs in church? They shouldn't have them in public... ESPECIALLY NOT in church.
President Bush is:
A tool of God Yes.
A tool of Satan No.
A tool of Big Oil partially.
A tool of Dick Cheney ummm... no?
Would you change your denomination if they allowed openly practicing homosexuals to be ordained? Probably.
Do you have a (real) tattoo? No.
My membership status at church is:
Active member Yes.
Active non-member no.
Inactive member no.
Inactive non-member (don't attend) no.
How often do you doubt the truth of Christianity? Not every often.
Do you hunt? Nope. No gun. :-/ :-P
My salvation is determined by:
What I Do Kinda
What I Believe Definitely.
What Jesus Did Totally.
Karma Points umm... sorta?
The Christian Bible, in it's original form, is:
inspired and infallible. nothing is infallible.
inspired but not perfect. Yes.
partly inspired.
just a book. It is a book... not just a book, though.
I believe that predestination is:
unbiblical no.
biblical, God chooses to save some but not others no..
biblical, God chose people based on foreseen faith no..
beyond the scope of human understanding Yes.
Why do you think God has not allowed Christ to return? Who says he hasn't?
Once in heaven we will have memory of our life on earth, true or false? I hope so.
Should women be allowed to be pastors (or priests)? I do believe that God intended men and women to be equal. So, yes. But it does take some getting used to.
Christian music, when compared to secular music, is: Annoying when not done well.
God says the death penalty is: Remember an Eye for an Eye? Yeah, he's all over that one.
Is abortion wrong? I don't think wrong is the word I would use. Everything is circumstance.
Do the unsaved suffer in hell? No.
What's your opinion on evolution? *sigh* Can't scientific and biblical theories co-exist?
What happens after you die? You go to Heaven.
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