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Okay, so this past week has been a little nutty...

Justin (to Dan) - "You ate my nub*!"
Justin - "It's a big giant club thing -- of DOOM!"
Catherine - "Talk Dan! ... *thwump* Ow."
Justin - "Chug! Chug! Chug! .... no, wait, that's a pencil."
Dan - "You can't bring the Internet in the bathroom."
Justin - "Ctrl - Z! Ctrl - Z!"
Cindi - "I was too busy writing quotes on the board."
Justin - "Hello! ..... are you naked?"
Daniel - "Feel my grapes! .... They're really firm!"
Cindi - "Thank you, ... my random granulated sweetness!"
Catherine - "I wish I could do that with my breasts!"
Justin - "I'm a human dishwasher. Feed me quarters... rawr!"

*could be spelled knub
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