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The Game.

Well, it started off like a regular game. You know, we score, they suck, they get a couple lucky goals, whatever. But then Geneseo was getting closer and closer, and we kinda stopped scoring.... and the last few seconds of the game, Geneseo tied it up. Overtime was a killer. I was SCREAMING instead of yelling and my voice was cracking. The play was intense. Geneseo pulled their goalie at some point(probably regulation play) and we were already down a man. Well, the game ended tied at 4-4. And at the end of the game there was a bit more excitement. And I'm not typing this again... so:

TenthZ1 (10:09:00 PM): They came over after the buzzer and they started SCREAMING at us...
TenthZ1 (10:09:14 PM): and making gestures, etc... and not lining up for the handshakes...
TenthZ1 (10:09:29 PM): and then we were SCREAMING "STATE SCHOOLS SUCK"
TenthZ1 (10:09:52 PM): which transitioned into RIT at the point when the RIT players came over to confront the Geneseo players...
TenthZ1 (10:10:16 PM): All the coaches and refs were on the ice trying to keep a major fight from breaking out.
TenthZ1 (10:10:28 PM): and I know if that glass hadn't been there, the whole Crew would have been out on the ice.
TenthZ1 (10:10:33 PM): .... it was crazy.
TenthZ1 (10:10:56 PM): Goon couldn't even get us to quiet down long enough to start the T-I-G-E-R-S cheer.
But we finally did and we cheered, screamed, and yelled them off the ice. RIT Pride was high tonight.

Don't ever let ANYONE Tell you that there is no school spirit at RIT.


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