Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I feel like I need to express this. But words are not enough, in fact every way that I've tried to think it out with words in my head, it sounds extremely stupid.

So, I'll just talk. Babble.
God communicated directly with me last night. I feel like there is no "religious" aspect behind this at all. Just two separate entities communicating without words, without the human form of communication, just a sharing of concepts that are not explainable unless you are feeling them at the moment and you can find a way of expressing them without words to someone else....

I feel like the invention of words has hindered my ability to express myself. I'm limited by what I know, instead of what I feel.

Anyway, in words, He told me that it is important for people to talk to Him. Everything is for a reason. And how can He guide you if you don't ask for guidance?

It's this knowing. Knowing.
Sometimes things just come out of my fingers that I just don't understand. I signed a letter "God Bless" the other day. I just told someone to "Quote the Bible". Is this God's energy channeled through my body? Is this me? Is it my subconscious?

I hate saying "I don't know" because it's usually a cop-out for not thinking about what is really going on... but this time, I've thought about it, and I truly can not figure it out. I guess only time will tell.
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