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Surprise party!

I'd never been to a surprise party before! It was tons of fun.. and how could it not be? When the company is this good, everything is fun! :-)

Earlier today, I was actually able to attend a poster making comittee meeting! Yeah! Me and my duct-tape made a fabulous apperance... it was tons of fun.. even if it took us from 10-3:30 to do 1 and a half posters... :-P

Then we walked over to Crossroads and had some lunch. I hadn't had a hamburger for a while... it was very yummy.. big slab o'beef. oooh.. and it's so cool to be on the all-debit plan 'cuz I have "RIT- Dollars" to blow on friends! Yea!

Then we had postering with Bob.. we kinda haphazardly postered the SAU and the library and Crossroads.. not totally efficient.. but I think it'll do. :-/

Ryan O. and I hit the Residential side of campus after we split up @ Crossroads around 5pm.. and a good thing, too.... 'cuz we just made it in time for Dan to pick us up for the party...

Oooh! And that Pizza kicked some major ass! yyuummmyy.. I won't have to eat much tomorrow... maybe ice cream for lunch..
Anyone want to see Ice Age tomorrow???
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