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Well, well, well....

Lookie here. *EXCITEMENT*

We got our "Seminar in the History of Gaming" midterm papers back. Now, this is a GRADUATE level course. I hadn't written a research paper in a year and a half and I did most of the research and all of the writting the weekend before it was due. I wad not exactly proud of the work that I did... Mike liked it. He thought it was a great paper, but I took that with a grain of salt, because, well, he is my boyfriend. Anyway... drumroll, please!

I got an A-!!!!!
So exciting! That means on the final paper, if I apply myself as much as I should have to begin with, I'll get an A and pull an A in my first graduate level class ever! BOOYAH!

I'm happy.
Still dreading Singers, but what happens will happen...
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