Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

As per Heather's question....

Heather asked me yesterday what I want to do within my major. I said I didn't care, but that's not true. What I really want to do is development ( & research, maybe) of websites, multimedia, educational software, stuff like that. But as I look at the co-ops that deal with that stuff, I don't have most of the requirements.
ASP? Nope.
.NET? Nope.
C++? Nope.
PHP? Nope.
CGI? Kinda?
mySQL? I hesitate to say yes, because I didn't feel like I learned anything! Grr!

So what am I supposed to do? Sure, I'll know more of these things once I finish my concentrations, but I can't get the co-ops I want with what I know thus far! Ack! Plus, the position that I interviewed for the other day (at Bosch) would be interesting and fun, but I wouldn't want to do that forever, and Heaven knows I'm not as qualified for that as I could be! oye vie. We'll see how it goes with IBM tonight and tomorrow. I feel like I don't want to work for two GIGANTIC companies in a row, though. But it's better than nothing. I don't think I could deal with going to Colorado (although, it would be fun).... *shrug* We'll see what happens. I really like the schedule that I've got going for next quarter, so it wouldn't be a tragedy to stay around... plus there's always the possibilty of getting a Summer/Fall block. Or a Fall/Winter. Lots of time. *sigh*
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