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ICCAs Weekend:

Got up at 7:30. Was already packed to go, so I loaded my stuff into the car, prepared my food bag, and had breakfast. The goal was to leave by 9am, but at 8:50, Daniel still hadn't appeared, so I went and knocked on his door... after a pause I heard "oh, crap!". Hehe. Apparently, he turned his alarm off in his sleep. But, no harm done, we were in the car and on the road by 9:15. Went the back way to Groton; I really love that drive down the lake. Ended up at Mike's around 11 and then took him to the bank and on the way to 81, we swung by his old apartment. Ended up missing the mapquest recommended exit from 81 -> 90 but, we took the next 90 exit, and didn't really add any extra time to the trip. Stopped for gas on the thruway. Got to Waltham around 5 for dinner with Heather's grandparents. We went to 99 Restaurant. I had a wonderful meal of broccoli-chicken Alfredo with ziti that was really filling. After dinner, we headed to brandies and met up with Jess in the parking lot. We hauled all of our stuff to her suite and hung out there for a while before we got ready to go to the competition. Jess's friend, Tovah, came over and she came to the competition with us. We walked to the concert around 7... "all the way" across the campus (maybe 10 minute walk). Concert rocked. BCS didn't end up placing, though. :-/ Probably didn't help that they were first(not by choice) and the mics didn't seem completely calibrated. I got 3 new CDs. :-D The judges took forever with the results, so we didn't get back to Jess's 'til around 11 and didn't get to sleep 'til around 12:30. We were DEAD TIRED... and didn't sleep very well on the hard floor.

I had set my alarm for 6am and jumped out of my sleeping bag and got dressed. Then I woke up Heather, Daniel, and Mike and got everyone moving. I'm pretty good at that. We had everything in the car by 6:30 and were on the road by 6:45. Stopped at dunkin' donuts to get coffee and some breakfast food and then got right back on the road. Stopped at some point for gas and other stuff. made it back to RIT by 12:30ish. Cindi was surprised to see us back so soon... Made Mike and myself chicken strips and french fries for lunch and then got dressed for the Singers concert. I headed over to Ingle at 2pm and met up with Encore. We rehearsed in fireside for half an hour, played with our new scarves (we need to figure out who owes who for what)... and then rehearsed with Singers. The concert was a bit chaotic by nature. Encore's set went well, save my forgetting the words to Hanging By a Moment (only momentarily), although I saved it nicely even if I do say so myself. Rest of the concert was very good... I don't know how we sang around and all ended at the same time... but whatever. Sounded good and you couldn't really tell if anything went wrong or not. After the concert, we came back to the apartment and hung out. Cindi made Cindi-pizza and Justin lost his Cindi-Pizza-Virginity... while we all watched. :-P Went to see Miracle with everyone (Justin, Cindi, Heather, Mike and then Jones and Dan met us there). Great movie. I was really glad that Disney didn't Disne-fy it and make it yucky. I will have to get that when it comes out on DVD(hint, hint, people. :-P ). We stood around and talked for a while after the movie was over and then we headed home. Mike, Heather, and I were all still very tired from the rest of the weekend. Came home and got some rest.

Slept in and then took showers. A very relaxing day over all. I wasn't in a hurry which was wonderful. Throughout the day Mike and I had some amazing conversations. :-) Every single one reminded me why I love him. We had Cinnamon rolls that Cindi made for breakfast and took our time getting his stuff together and getting out the door. We left around 12:15. A 2 hour drive feels extremely short after a 5 hour and a 6 hour drive in the same weekend. We stopped for gas and McDonald's (his treat) on the thruway. I got a happy meal. :-D With a Lion King toy. *yea* We got to his parents house around 3 and watched Nemesis (I've now seen all the Star Trek movies. :-P) His mom made us Hot Cocoa when his sister got home. :-) We hung out and he showed me all his transformers (so cute.. :-P ) and his legos that he'd found in a box at the bottom of the pile of stuff in his room. Ended up staying for dinner (Ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, bread, and angel food cake for dessert. ;-) ). More hanging out. It's great spending time with his family. I hope we can do that with my family sometime soon. I'm proud to say that I did backwards directions in my head from Groton to Rochester without using maps or anything. 38 -> 34 -> 90. *yea* for a sense of direction. Don't remember when I got home, but it was definitely dark. The weather all weekend was wonderful (except Groton on Saturday, but we got through it). I'm SO GLAD we did this. I'm going to remember it for a very long time. :-)

---EDIT --- Please comment if I left something out or you want to clarify something. :-)
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