Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

HOCKEY: RIT versus Manhattenville

Final Score: OT, 2-2. :-/

I broke my diaphragm during the game. Controlled screaming can really do you in. Although, I think that I probably gained some muscle toning from the experience. :-P Very awesome game. Very intense, I still think that RIT was playing better than M-ville over all. We *should* have won. Oh, well. Good game. The most annoying thing was that there was a 5-minute major called on one of the RIT players at the very beginning (first 15ish seconds?) of the Over Time, thus the entire OT was 4 on 5. But we held them off and played some great hockey. I really love watching an evenly matched hockey game, even if it does mean aggravating my already sore throat. :-P

We came back to the apt and Dan came too. We watched Secondhand Lions. Great movie. :-) Always good to spend Valentine's Day with your closest friends. :-D
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