Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


All questions refer to your situation RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Please answer accordingly.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW the time is: 3:19pm

I have been up for: 7ish hours

I smell of: chocolate chip cookies and milk

My hair is: clean and still damp from my shower at 1pm.

My shoes are: in the living room (what's with you people having shoes on your feet?)

My bed is: Covered with paperwork and not made what-so-ever

The nearest person to me is: Physically? The guy in the adjacent apartment. I can hear him signing. :-P

The nearest object to me is: My watch and my camera.

That annoying sound I can hear is: No annoying sounds... just white noise and the guy next door.

I: am thinking about getting ready for class at 4. Knowing that I'm going to have to put socks and shoes on. Blah. I am also getting ready to write another LJ entry about this weekend, but I have been distracted by other people posting and replying to my last post. :-P
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