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Pirates of Penzance

Went to Hershey High School on Thursday night to see Pirates. The show opened on an empty stage and the first 7-10 minutes of the show were without words. Basically, the daughters danced around the stage for a good 10 minutes and then left. The program said they were even different girls than were going to play the daughters once the singing started. I really dislike it when they do that. Can't you cast people that can sing and then teach them how to dance? That's usually how it goes in high school musicals.... but not at Hershey. *rolls eyes* So, that wasn't the best way to introduce the audience to the musical, but it passed, and I didn't see anyone get up and leave, so it probably wasn't as boring as I thought it was. :-P Throughout the show, the dancing was well executed and well choreographed. The singing was amazingly well done. Some very talented young singers on that stage. The acting, however seemed like it was non-existent. This could be that the action while the characters were singing their lines was so much more full and vibrant that when they stopped singing the energy on stage just kinda dropped. Which is what happened. Blah. Talked to Kevin (director of our HS show) and Lydia (star of our HS show) during intermission. They seemed to agree. Apparently the choreographer was Peter Pan at HHS the same year that Kevin was in the show at LDHS (our HS). Found that to be interesting. He also agreed that the beginning should have been more attention grabbing.

Other nit-picky things.

Fans. The daughters should not have had fans. It was extremely distracting because they couldn't stop fluttering them in front of their faces. Silly girls.

The boat. It didn't need to move across the whole stage. If it had gone in and out of stage left it would have been fine. It was a great feat that they got that thing the whole way across the stage, but it could have been constructed a bit more realistic looking if they hadn't had it in mind that the actors would have to move it across the stage. It looked like they had put it together with large pieces of ply-wood, but didn't bother to joint them.

Sets in general. I was kind of disappointed in them. Last year, they did a lot of innovative things with their sets (or at least their flys). This year, not so much. The biggest thing was the boat, and if that was the only set piece that they were making, they should have spent a little more time planning it out.

The orchestra was amazing as usual. Of course, that's because there are people from all over the place in it (namely, LD). But then, I can't really complain, we hire-out too. It was weird to see Jesse Hoffman's head sticking out of the pit (he plays Bass). Haven't seen him for the longest time.

The Major General was AWESOME. You could really tell that he had put a lot of time and effort into that character. Also the Sergeant. Great laughs. It was really good to see them on the stage having so much fun. :-)

They got a standing ovation, started by Lydia and Megan. Don't think they really ought to, but it was opening night, and why not? *shrug* :-P

I could go into specifics on peoples voices, but I don't fee like it.
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