Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

DVN show

Went to see DVN in Harrisburg on the 29th (Great activity for leap day! :-D).

Eric Schwartz opened for them... quite a show, quite I show. I can't repeat many things that were said there due to my Lenten vow. :-P
This was the first time I'd seen him, and yeah... he's a bit over the top. Which was definitely a major influence on the guys.

They were... needless to say, distracted? Insaner-than-usual? It was entertaining. They opened with The Gates. Storm walked right through our row during Title of the Song. They sang the "Sea Men" song. :-) Request-o-Rama got a bit out of hand. Someone got the bucket of shame. Someone was confused and requested Ally McBeal, but they sang it anyway... most of the crowd was confused with the concept of "parody" song, and during the part where they had the audience sing along, they were singing "How does it feel" instead of "Ally McBeal"... the sound guy did it too... I was not surprised. The Susquehanna Folk Music Society did not know what hit them. :-P Paul's parents were there and he was extremely embarrassed when someone requested "I Touch Myself" (By the Divinals)... he stood there with his shirt pulled over his head for a good 5 minutes. :-P There was also much discussion of Bernie's Lenten promise... he gave up Masturbating. :-P The conversation got bad from there... and Paul was doing a lot of hiding in his shirt. I can't remember the other requested songs at the moment... if I do, they'll end up in comments to this entry.

DVN sang a song for their encore which I had never heard before... they sing it to their favourite audiences because it is a tribute to all of their worst audiences. Again, words can not be repeated due to my Lenten vow.. but it's basically telling people to do not-so-nice things to themselves for being not-so-nice people. :-P Very amusing, very inappropriate. I loved it. :-P And there's no way they're going to release that one on CD.... you've gotta ask'em for it the next time you see them...

All in all Great show... although, I really hope that wasn't the last chance I'd have to see them in concert... definitely wasn't a "normal" show. :-P
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