Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Friday stuff:

Okay, so last Friday was a busy day and I never got to write about it. Mostly getting ready for the weekend, but I also had a meeting with my advisor and a phone interview with IBM.

Advisor Meeting:
Finally finished applying for graduation. I started back in Fall quarter, so we got to check a lot more classes off of the list. The discovery was made that after this quarter, I only have 5 classes left. One of which is a communications class that I could take anywhere. My advisor wants me to graduate in February. February of '05. That is less than a year away. A year from now, I will be gradamacated. ACK! This is a scary thing. Granted, I will have about 7-9 months of "real-world" under my belt by then, and hopefully have one or two full time job offers, but it is still really scary. Ack, ack, and more ack.

IBM phone Interview:
Basically the job is working on an internal project(aren't they all?) developing Perl modules (programming components) that will be used to test server hardware before it is shipped to the clients. The position is extremely flexible and I could work on everything from the actual coding to communications to theory stuff. The group spans the globe and I would get to "work with" people overseas. The fact that they are doing Object Oriented Perl sounds really interesting. The position is just about the opposite of what I was doing with Lucent because of the technical side of things. It would be a great learning experience and they were excited to hear that I'd worked with Lotus products before... since, well, IBM owns Lotus and they use Notes and other Lotus packages. All in all, sounds like an amazing job and an amazing opportunity. IBM only hires co-op students who they would hire full-time and they pretty much hire full-time directly from the co-op pool. I would love to work for IBM. They treat their employees very nicely. It would be great to work for them and have them pay for me to get my MBA or MA (through their continuing education program). There's numerous other benefits to working for them that I won't enumerate here, but let's just say I'm crossing my fingers. :-)

Any Questions? hehe. :-P
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