Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I am awesome.

Internetworking Lab today went awesomely. I learned stuff. :-D My partner from last week dropped the class because she got a co-op (at Wegman's, of all places!) and now there is an uneven number of people in the class. I attempted (weakly, though) to find another partner, but then ended up doing THE WHOLE LAB BY MYSELF! I built both ends of a RJ-45 crossover cable! It worked the first time! The rest of the lab was awesome! I asked questions about stuff I didn't understand and made them explain it until I did. I had the professor double check my sketches to make sure I was on the right track, too. *go me* I am going to whoop this class this quarter!!! WOOTNESS! :-D

Leave comments. Tell me I'm awesome! Bask in my awesomeness! :-D
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