Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Last Quarter Professor Quotes:

Jonathan Schull:

"We might see that he's holding the mouse upside-down. That would be really useful information." (Yes, showing us that he's a MORON!)
*sneezes* "Ta da!" (thanks for the show. e.e)
"This could be the basis for an actually implemented something!" (A something! Amazing!)
"There are the theses and the thoses" (wow. stun me with your intellect, why don't you?)
"You could ask a biologist how to define a duck."
"I look forward to being among your testees." (ummmmm.... If I were a guy, I'd be scared)

Andy Phelps:

"Now there's a T-Shirt. Hard Code the Fun."
"What do you think I am, Santa Claus?"
"There was this movie, it was called Star Wars." (Oh, I hadn't heard of that one, Andy)
"We need to remember Burger Time." (yes, we do... :-D )
"Ms. PacMan was insane."
"Arcade! Arcade! Arcade! Kertunk!" (weeeeeeeee!)

Al Biles:

"Now, if we were dogs..."
"I don't want to think that hard." (Oh, really?)
"We don't go out and harvest tuning forks on trees." (That would be so cool!)

Jay Jackson:

"erm... ass instead of bass..." (rrriiiiigghhhtt...)
"Here it will show you minutes, seconds, and um, sub-seconds." (Intelligent)
"I think we're beyond the level where this is going to be entertaining." (Well, duh!)
"I'm not going to try to do anything particularly useful." (er... thanks for the class, man)
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