Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

More homeness...

Ended up getting dropped off at A&M for lunch with Lindsay and Judy(had a Sausage Sandwich :-D ). Mom headed home after that. It was great to catch up with them... and get caught up on all the dirt. :-P I am soo out of the loop, but that's mostly a good thing. :-P

During lunch, I got a call on my cell from the car dealership letting me know my car was done. Luckily Klick-Lewis is only about a mile down the road so Lindsay dropped me off and I picked up my car and went home. Got home and wrapped Albert's presents.... mom was baking a cake and the house smelled all yummy. We had the egg hunt... the Easter Bunny ended up leaving me 10 eggs... e.e Oh, well, I guess I should enjoy being a kid while it lasts... *yea* for candy(and everyone's black jelly beans!!)! :-D After the Hunt, people got changed and we went to the Bowling Alley (on the way we stopped by a flower stand to get a Hostess gift for the relatives tomorrow). I got to watch everyone bowl. :-) It made me sad, but it was fun, anyway. Albert got a 95 as his high score, and Mom hit her average from when she used to play in a league. So, that was cool. Lots of cheering for strikes and spares, so it was all good... and not too much nagging about style, so that was good, too. Picked up pizzas from, guess where? A&M on the way home. Never heard of the place, and I end up eatting from there 2 meals in a row. Bizzare. Had very yummy pizza at home, cake for dessert and Albert opened his presents after dinner. Everyone is very tired. Well, I am.

I think I left my Easter dress at school, but I could have sworn I never brought it up there... blah. But I guess I'll have to wear my Easter pants instead. :-P Liz picked out jewelry for me, so I'll be all decked out. :-P Heading to NJ after the 8am service. Easter dinner at Uncle Ken's and Aunt Sandy's. I'll probably have to participate in another egg hunt. yea. *yawn* This was such a long day. Looks like I'm not getting my hair cut... oh well, I guess I'll just wait 'til right before I go out to MN. That'll save money, anyway. :-P It doesn't *need* to be cut.

I've been reading my book for Senior Seminar one sentence at a time. I think it's not going to happen. Which is a shame, because it is pretty interesting. I'm reading Gathering Blue in the car tomorrow. *yea* for fun, fast reading! :-D

Happy Easter, everyone! :-D
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