Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

My Awesome Friday

After my annoying Health Center visit, I came back to the apt and got my stuff together. I was on the road by 11, and at Mike's around 1pm. I ate an apple on the road and had a late breakfast, and he already ate so we decided we would have a early dinner instead of lunch again. :-P We hung around, watched the Clone Wars episodes that I burned to disk, watched the Cosby show with Cathy and then copied down the movies schedule for Plaza (that's the local movie place with "the best popcorn ever").

We went to Best Buy to use our gift cards. :-D We walked around for a while and looked at about everything (except the washing machines. :-P ). I was salivating over the LCD/Plasma screens. I think we looked at EVERY DVD in the whole store. :-P Including the "$5.99 and lower" rack. They had a disc with both Anastasia and Pocahontas(sp?) on it.. but it wasn't by Disney... it was by some rip off company, it was quite amusing. I ended up getting Amelie and Office Space and a $2 copy of Rand McNally's travel planner package. *yea* I still have $20ish on my gift card. :-D *yea* for winning things! Then we walked around the mall for a while. Found the EB which had moved because apparently they are remodeling the store or moving it to a different new location or something. Walked through Target and checked out the Clone Wars toys and the Star Wars legos. :-) Also looked around at Borders, AC Moores, and a few other stores. Subway smelled really good, but we (I) decided to find a sit-down restaurant closer to the movie theatre.

They have mostly chain restaurants and stuff, but I decided that we should do Mexican (because you can never go wrong with Mexican). Mike thought there was a place next to A&W and the Ponderosa that he'd never been to... and there was. So this was an authentic place. It took me 'til the end of the meal to be able to understand what the waiter was saying. :-P We got salsa and chips on the table... I don't know how they make them that good. The salsa was nice and spicy. I ordered the beef Fajitas (of course) and Mike got a combination with 2 Burritos and a Taco. Everything was delicious. We got Sopapillias and Fried Ice Cream for dessert and split them. :-D Yummy, yummy, yummy. I am making myself hungry again. Best fried ice cream EVER. Although, they put whipped cream on top of it, so I had to eat that off before we could get to the ice cream. :-P The service was AMAZINGLY fast. Like, we walked in, we were seated, we ordered drinks, we had our drinks, we ordered dinner, I went to the bathroom, dinner came out, etc. Ended up tipping the waiter a lot because it was so awesome. We were done there in about an hour.

We went to the movie theater and got tickets for Hell Boy and then we waited around until 8:30. Scary movie. Well, scary in a gory way... well done, though and the CG was pretty awesome. I don't usually cringe at that sort of stuff, so I guess it was very real-looking. David Hyde Pierce did the voice of one of the characters, but he wasn't credited... which I think is weird because it was one of the main characters and who cares who played him because you could see the actor under all of that make up and stuff. *shrug* Whatever. I enjoyed it. :-) And it was good to see Selma Blair in something that wasn't Legally Blonde.

After we watched all the credits (:-D), we headed back to his place and I filled up my water bottle and got ready to go. I slept like a baby when I got back and didn't get up 'til about noon. I need to sleep in again tomorrow. It feels so good. :-)
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