Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The "Big Event" is approaching...

So, in a little more than a month it is going to be May 28th for the 21st time since I was born on the same day. :-P (Yeah, my 21st birthday, but if I had just said that you wouldn't be confused.)

So, I'm trying to decide if I should try and plan something. This year, it lands on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. So I have a few options.

I could hang out at home with my family and do nothing but get ready for IBM.
I could invite some friends from HS (the one or two that I talk to) and we could hang out or something.
I could invite roomies and friends from RIT to come and hang out and stuff.

As for stuff to do, there's always Chocolate World. :-D I was thinking The Park (Hershey Park), but it has gotten expensive since the last time I went and that could be weird. Also, the circus is going to be in town! I haven't been to the circus in a really long time... like, since I was in elementary school, so that could be really, really, fun and it is a lot cheaper than The Park. I want to go to Lititz and Lancaster and that would also be a fun weekend thing... Get some Wilbur Buds and some homemade pretzels. Talk about PA stuff. :-P It's going to be memorial day weekend, too, so a definite cook-out would have to be involved. :-)

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling about things that won't be happening for another month or so. :-P
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