Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The weekend with Encore in DC

7:40am. Ack. I haven't been up and dressed and out the door that early in a while. Anna came and picked me and my stuff up so that I didn't have to travel myself over to Gracie's. Anna bought us Brugers, too. :-) *yea* We the 8 of us were on time and we packed up the trunk of Anna's car with all of the stuff we didn't need access to while Elizabeth F. got all of the van paperwork straightened out. We are funny when we are not awake. :-P It was quite amusing to see a bunch of girls with all of our stuff on the sidewalk. We had to leave 2 seats open in Anna's car because we were going to pick up 2 of her friends "on the side of the road in Corning"... so we ended up 6/2 in the van/car.

Van - Elizabeth F.(driver), Liz K. (shot gun), Jessica & myself (middle row), and Brie and Cheri (back row).
Car - Anna (driver), Elizabeth M. (shot gun).

We arrived around Corning at about 10 o'clock and we picked up Anna's friends in the Pizza Hut parking lot and then we stopped at BK for a bathroom break. Back on the road and we didn't stop again 'til we went to McDonalds somewhere in PA... I don't remember where... it was around noon-1pm. We got into DC fine and we met Anna's sister on the side of the street. She hopped in the car and we drove around looking for a space on the street for a bit when we decided we would feel better if the van was in the parking gargage... we didn't want anything to happen to it. So, as we pulled into the garage and went up one level. The hard-top carrier on the top of the mini-van hit the first I-beam and we stopped. Luckily there was a spot straight ahead.. and we didn't have to go under any more I-beams. We talked to the garage-guy and told him that we'd have to go out the in on Saturday... he said he'd be there and we would figure it out...

We unloaded the cars and we took all of our stuff to Anna's sister's apartment (from now on referred to as "Maggie's apartment"). Their parents had pizza for us and we inhaled it. We relaxed and got changed for the concert. There was a major T-Storm while we were inside... and the rain continued... it was then that we decided that we would leave our stuff there untill after the concert. Around 6:40 we ran to the studio in the rain. (It's the studio were "Crossfire" is filmed) We got soaked! We met Sarah there and we all dried off together. We warmed up in the hallway and ran through our set a few times. Our mic check was like, 3 minutes long. The room felt completely dead. I was kinda concerned because they didn't have any monitors and we really couldn't hear ourselves. We adjusted our formations to fit the stage and the microphone set up. Not much else we could do... so we went back to relaxing back stage. My water bottle became communal. I'm going to remind people to bring thier own next trip! :-P Anna ran across the street to get lemons for her throat. We were totally psyched!

The GW Vibes sang three songs and then we went on. They must have adjusted the mic levels after our sound check because the mic I was using for VP was much more live than it was before... but definitely a good thing. Our set was awesome and we sang Sweet Dreams, California Dreaming, and Walking on Broken Glass. Then, while we were setting up for One Fine Day, Anna announced Maggie's birthday.... and we led the audience in singing Happy Birthday to her. :-) It was cool. During One Fine Day, Jess and Brie called Sarah's Joe up for our "guy" ... they altered the script a bit, and it worked like a charm. I'd love to have a video of our performance... Maggie said she'd look into it for us. Broken Glass went very well... I was so proud of us. :-D

After we were done, the Vibes went up and sang 10 more songs. "Hey Ya" and "Cry Me a River" are two that I specifically remember. Not much variety in music genres, but definitely a variety of voices and sounds. Ben, the main VP guy, definitely held all the arrangements together. He was rockin' :-D

After the concert I got to talk to LINDSAY!!!! :-D It was great! Definitely cool to talk to her out of PA. :-P It was great catching up with her... and she got the job with the kids for the summer! She'll be staying in DC and getting an apartment... I'm really happy for her she seems really excited about it. But we'll both be home at the end of May, so more hanging out will be in order! :-)

After the concert, we waited for most of the audience to empty out... we were heading back to Maggie's apartment and it WASN"T RAINING! Woo! Got back to the apartment and we decided that we would all end up staying at Maggie's place... no moving our stuff and we'd be all together in the morning. Much easier. Sarah and Joe showed up and some of the other members of the Vibes. We found out it would be a music-less party and that was pretty confusing. :-/ But it got going and we had some fun. :-) Wacky crazy fun. ;-) 'nuff sed. :-P My wrists were killing me, though, I did a lot of laying down with my eyes closed listening to people ask other people if I was okay. :-P But listening to the random conversations around me definitely took my mind off the pain. :-)

The party didn't really clear out until around 3am... and then we moved our stuff back out into the living room and passed out. :-P Woke up to the sound of the city. :-) And SUN in my EYES! Wazzup wit dat, yo? Sun? Morning? Bah. :-P We were all up and dressed by about 10:30-11am. Earlier than we had said, but that sun definitely got to us. :-P

Elizabeth F., Cheri, and I went down to the parking garage and got the cars out of the parking garage... out the in with the van and I drove Anna's car out the out. :-P I had to drive her car around the block a few times 'til we could pull it up in front of Maggie's apartment to load our stuff up. Load, load, load... Back in the van for me! It took us a bit to get out of the city because of the rally and the blocked off road-ways.. and the fact that we didn't get the best directions from Maggie for getting back out to 50. But we did it because we ROCK! And then we lost Anna when they got on 95 the wrong way because of not-enough-signage. But we regrouped at IHOP and we were STARVING! We didn't have to wait for a table long and the waiter was really cool... asked us where we were from, where we were going... we told him we were an a cappella group. He brought us our drinks (and a bunch of coffees, free of charge) and then he came back to check on us.. that was when Liz K told him we were so hungry that we were already planning lunch. :-P He came back with 3 baskets of fries, free of charge! Woot. We ended up spending about 2 and a half hours there! Craziness! And we sang One Fine Day to the waiter and we were all cracking up. We also sang California Dreaming on the way out because some of the wait staff were jealous. :-P

Ended up taking the long way around Baltimore and then took 83 up to 81. Stopped at my house for another bathroom break! Great to see Mom and Albert (no one else was home). Found out about my blood work. Turns out there is no trace of arthritis or thyroid problems (blast!) but my blood sediment settling rate is abnormal. Not sure what that means. Mom also pumped up Anna's tires.

Back on the road again. Drove up 81. Stopped at Wendy's at exit 145. Got gas, too. Stopped again for bathroom break at the Pump 'n Pantry off exit 230. After we hit NY we took Route 17 over and then 390 up to Rochester. Took Lehigh Station exit off of 390 and stopped for gas again. Had to return the van full of gas. We got back to RIT around 12:30. We were all pretty exhausted. Elizabeth F. filled out the paper work for the van and they would inspect it in the morning. Anna drove me back to my apartment. Justin and Cindi were having fun with the blender when I got home and were a bit shnookered. :-P I don't remember much after that, but I talked to Mike for a bit and then CRASHED. Exhausted. Everyone was a bit cranky by the end of the trip, but everything went well... our first road trip was a success! :-D

And we have a new slogan (that resulted in my new icon) that was created by one of Jess and Brie's famous Insult-a-thons.....

Encore: Your Boyfriend Liked It. :-D
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