Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Here ye, here ye!

As you all know, I'm taking voice lessons for credit yet again this quarter. And yet again, we are having an open recital. The date is set for May 14th, (A friday!) but we haven't solidified a time yet... so keep your afternoon open! YOU are invited!

I still haven't decided what song I should sing. English or Italian? Long or short? (Although, I timed it and the Italian is only a bit longer... like 45 seconds or something). I don't know. I still can't decide... bah. I have to decide by Friday. So, we'll see. I might go for the Italian (Vergin Tuto Amore)just because I will probably be singing He Shall Feed His Flock in church sometime while I'm home during my "break". Although, that could also be a reason to sing it for the recital -- so I'm used to singing it with a non-crappy accompanist (no offense, Grady. :-P) Choices, choices.
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