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About Thursday

Ahh... last day of tap. :-/ I shall miss Linda like crazy, she is such an amazing teacher. I'm hoping to get to the studio during finals week. *crosses fingers*

I didn't have much to do at work, and Cindi and Justin had lunch with me again. Hanging out in that office is great fun. And Ellen was at lunch until well after 2. I went and got my hair cut at Hair Techniques at 1:30 and it looks good, in that too-short way. :-P Which is good, though, because it will be at the PERFECT length for a longer amount of time.

Voice lesson at 2:30. Was awful. I blame the fact that Grady is sick. Although, how can I really blame that? I just didn't get the feed back that I was looking for from him. :-/ Lesson didn't even last 15 minutes. I sang through it twice and he pointed out that I've been singing a C instead of an E for 10 weeks. He hadn't noticed it before and the note is still in the chord, and I was singing the 4th that is in the song all over the place. *sigh* Did he expect me to be able to fix it? I really hope not. Again, he should have caught that before: his fault. It helps me a lot if I can sing it with the accompaniment, and luckily Grady can actually play my pieces.

Back to work. Then to PHP class -- (on the way, saw Anna in her pirate hat. :-D) pizza and then final. 50 multiple choice questions. Half an hour. *yea* Professor Vullo made me steal a pizza for Brie. I carried it home and then brought it to Master Class where everyone devoured it. :-P Against Grady's wishes. *shrug*

Master Class went better than lessons, but I was having trouble controlling Shirley. The whole song either dragged on forever and I didn't have enough breath or it turned into a runaway train.

Got home and practiced like mad. Couldn't stop. I think it got worse every time I went through it, too. :-/
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