Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Encore/Surround Sound Concert

It was a complete disaster. OMG. The venue that we booked was crap-for-crap, the audience became bored and talked through all of the songs, and Brittney forgot the words and we kept vamping One Fine Day until our vocal chords wanted to snap. :-(

We had an intermission at which we tried to find a better audience. We also tried to clean out the theatre because it was full of construction supplies so no one could sit down (probably why they were talking instead of listening). All I wanted to do was sing my solo (to a song that I don't remember, but not one that we currently do) because I was sure that I could control the audience and really wow 'em, but someone (I don't remember who) thought it was a bad idea and that we should just ignore the fact that we were being ignored and keep singing.

There was also something about Sonic the Hedgehog ripping through every so often and knocking people over. I don't even think SS sang. They were too embarrassed, but they stood in a circle on the edge of the stage during our entire set. Very distracting in numerous ways. ;-P

Luckily that was only a dream. Let this be a lesson to you guys! Don't have a sucky concert! *worries*
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