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Why IT Majors get a bad rap

I think it's because our major is so customizable. Yes, we have a core set of classes that everyone had to take. Yes, we have a core of liberal arts, too. But beyond those, there is a plethora of classes to take and choices to make. Database, Networking, Sys Admin, Wireless Data Networking, Multimedia, Web Design, Game Development, Web-Database Integration Track, Windows Application Development, and Learning and Performance Technology are the concentrations you can choose from, plus 3 professional electives to play with... and you can mix and match those concentrations anyway you wish and can even create your own with the Special Topics classes that are offered.

All of this customization allows the typical IT student to take classes they are interested and WANT to take. This, along with the wide array of choices of liberal arts electives allows us to personalize our major more than any other program.

And not only that, but now the IT department encompasses 3 majors: BS Information Technology, BS IT: New Media Option, BS Net/Sys Admin. And with the exception of going from New Media to Net/Sys Admin or vice versa, you can pretty much change within the majors without many issues, which allows for another level of customizability and a lower level of stress. Plus, because we enjoy our work (and most of it is projects anyway) we appear to not have as much as everyone else on this campus (except for the Art Students). And thus look like "slackers" and "CS - Lite" majors.

And now I will get back to my homework.



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