Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Professor Quotes: Spring 04

Professor Hill:

"They perform exactly similar functions."
"That'll just go flying out into the ozone somewhere."
"Clicking motion"
"Slightly more tougher"
"Professor Spits"
"Just assume I'm a box."
"Thingie. Technical term."
"They cheated like rugs."
"RIT's Gateway: A Big Ass router"
"Your going to get stuff 360 hours a day."
(Re: Rick Stone) "I swear he could talk through a tornado."
"Hello, Computer" (a la, Star Trek)
"Ya here what the media says, but that's just hogwash"
"Truckers have OnStar on steroids"
"It's not a class C, it's a class nothing."
"Just remember that you know that."

"You're going to be the escape goat."
"You'll be the one to take a bloody nose."
"It wasn't refried enough!"
"Seniors have been around for a long time"
"See, well we'll talk about this great new intervention"
"Christ got 12 apostles to be his change agents."
"Reach out and touch someone"
Student - "He's like an ink-jet printer!"

Pelz (last quarter!):
"I just see the sun bouncing off the moon."
"I was hoping you wouldn't spend that much time thinking about this."
"What does infinity mean?"
"When real opticers are reading this...."
"They treat stars as if they were infinitely far away."
Substitute: "If I were getting paid to teach you guys...."
"That's what it means to be a laser."
"This projector would be inadequate for birds."
"I gotta close the door. People keep making faces at me."
"Yellow is something that exists in your brain."
"You can go into the retina..."
"I can look at you and take advantage of you."
"Let me make you invent mpeg."

Student - "what's that on your head?"
Pelz - "Oh, that's my bald spot."

"Who needs a palm pilot? You've got UNIX!"
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