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So, I've been home since late Saturday night, (ended up sleeping through church Sunday morning... who has church in the morning? silly people) and even though my car was COVERED with bugs, the ride was relatively uneventful. Stopped at Wegman's in Williamsport for the heck of it, but they are dumb and didn't have any chinese at 8:30pm. Silly people.

Karin left today. I'm really glad she hung around to see me! Even if she wasn't allowed to leave 'til she finished the laundry and worked on the photo albums. :-P

Allergies SUCK ASS. Okay, I think they are finally calming down because I only sneezed 10-20 times today as apposed to the 10-20 BAZILLION times all the other days this week. Oak trees suck and I have been miserable. It's really sad. It makes me want to cry (and I did the first night... it was awful). But I am improving, which is good, and I'm hoping that it stays this way for the weekend.

Ozzie was missing since Friday and we found him today.... he was in the barn for 4+ DAYS!!! :''-( POOR KITTY CAT!!! He was very hungry and very thirsty when Daddy found him today. :-( But he seems to be healthy (just one little bloody spot on his tail 'cuz we think something in the barn might have fallen on him when he was trying to figure out how to GET OUT.. but it will be healed in a few days...), and he's lost some weight! So we decided that if you are trying to loose weight, we've got the new Germann Family diet. Just come to our house and we'll lock ya in the barn for a few days! *woo* :-P

I went to the church this evening to practice my song with the choir director (Barb). She's such a sweetheart. I get to sing from the balcony! Both services on Sunday! Have to be at the church by 7:45, though. Bummer. OH, well, it will be worth it. Have to warm up in the car and NOT run up the stairs to the balcony to sing. Breathing is important. :-P Not that I was out of breath, but it is important to have full capacity when singing. Barb wanted to know what other songs I had in my repertoire so we went through them all. It was fun. I am going to be SOO out of practice very very very soon. :-( So, the verdict is that Sunday will be good and full of awesome. Go me. (I can project! Who knew? :-P)

Went through all of my clothes today. All of them. Not just the stuff I had in Rochester. Not just the stuff I'm taking to Rochester. everything. Got rid of lots. *yea* for goodwill and line-item deductions! The goal is to have all clothes packed before people get here for the weekend, or they will have no where to sleep. And that would be bad. Must go through everything else tomorrow. Don't know what to do with crappy text books. Is it worth saving them? selling them? using them as an "emergency toilet paper supply"? I don't know. Will save a few. Most are garbage anyway. So sad. I don't even want to think about the money I wasted on books that are so awful. I could have been spending money at Best Buy. I now vow to buy NO BOOKS for winter quarter. Unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. period.

Also, must move computer upstairs tomorrow. It's just in the way in the Sun Room. Must call the people about absentee ballot voting. must remind mom about extra-long twin sheets. Anything else? Don't think so. Elizabeth had her last full day of school today. AP History final tomorrow (she didn't take the AP test).... she's totally stressing, but she needs a good nights sleep. should go tell her that. too bad she must awake @ 6am. blah. silly HS schedules. Albert is almost done, too. Get to see him graduate on the 1st. Woo. I even have a "graduation" present for him that I forgot I have. I think I might go buy him some books or something, too. He loves to read, but sometimes has trouble getting into it. He just finished reading My Brother Sam Is Dead. He really enjoyed it, but he got upset when it was over. So great to get emotional over a book. :-) Anyway, that's enough babbling from me. g'night all! :-)
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