Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Survey/Quiz Stolen from dracheitskara

Name: Catherine
Nickname: NONE :-D
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: May 28th
Birth place: Hershey, PA
Birth stone: Emerald
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Chinese animal: Boar
Element: Earth or Fire... I forget. You could check my memories for a quiz. :-P
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Excuse me? I don't think so. :-P
Shoe size: 9 1/2 W
Clothing size: Depends. Stupid clothing manufacturers
Eye colour: Greenish-hazel-grey with streaks of yellow. :-)
Hair colour: Strawberry Blonde. :-)
Heritage/nationality: German/Swedish/Hungarian/English (1/4 of each)
Braces/Retainers/Head gear: never-ever
Glasses/contacts/ect.: Glasses. For a year now.
Piercing: One in each ear.
Tattoos: Nope. Not yet. ;-P
Brandings: uhhhh... eww?
Got a web page? I'd have to, being a web design major type person. At the moment it sucks though and is mostly portfolio pieces. I'm working on it this summer, I promise!
What languages do you speak? English, German - but not enough.
Any siblings? 2

Got a car? 2000 Buick La Sabre
Any other kind of mode of transportation? My bike is staying home I'm afraid. :-/
Any pets? Ozzie! (family cat), a bunch of tropical fish, and my brother has a Beta that lives on the kitchen table. :-)
Want any pets? Someday I'd like a bird.
Got a job? Start on the 7th of June!
Is the pay good? Oh, yeah. :-D
When do you wake up on the weekdays/weekends? Don't know yet. At the moment I've been waking up at 9:15am
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Including surfing the net and LJing, probably an hour and a half.
Name some activities that you do daily: Eat, sleep, LJing, AIMing, other online act ivies, reading, listening to music, etc.
When do you go to bed on weekdays/weekends?: (stealing Daniel's answer) I aim for about 11pm on weekdays, and whenever exhaustion hits on weekends.

Describe your style of clothing: Khakis. Things that go with khakis. I've gotten more "fashion-aware" in the last few years, but nothing drastic. My motto is that it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.
Describe your hair[style]: None. :-D Wind blown?
Favorite places to shop? Best Buy!!! Kohls and other discount-type places. Dollar store. I'm gonna miss Wegmans. :-/
What kind of shoes do you wear? Sneakers, dandles, and I've got a large collection of black dress shoes (everything from boots to flats)
Favorite outfit? In general, a pair of khakis and a sweater.
Accessories: I must start wearing jewelry again. That's my goal for the summer.
Jewelry? See above.
Wear makeup? Nope. Never saw the point.
Nail polish? I try to keep a clear coat on all the time. If I'm feeling bored, I'll put a color on that matches my mood. :-)
Do you own anything plaid? Ummm.... a skirt, but my sister stole it. :-P
Rainbow? I have rainbow socks with slide-free stars on the bottom!
Tye dyed? Yep. It's actually a print though, otherwise it wouldn't look like a heart shape in the middle.
Leopard print? Yeah, a pair of sandals that I never wear.

Pick your favorite...

Colour: Maroon. and blue.
Number: 7?
Shape: Dodecahedron
Website: Livejournal! or
Season: Spring/Winter
Ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream? Mint Chocolate Chip? Everything? I could never pick on.
Month of the year: December. :-)
Day of the week: Thursday
Time of day: Mid-morning

When did you wake up? 9:21am
What did you have for breakfast? A bagel with strawberry spread on one half and apple cinnamon jelly on the other.
What's your wallpaper on your computer? Stonehenge.
Is your computer even on a desk? Yes, a very nice one I might add. Too bad it's staying here.
Who's around you right now? My mom and sister are down the hall in the office.

.:Pick One:.
Night/Day: Day
Light/Dark: Light
Summer/Winter: Winter
Cat/Dog: Cat
Roller skates/Roller blades: Falling down?
Thong/Bikini: eeeewwww...
Pepsi/Coke: Coke!!!!
Coffee/Tea: Coffee
Gloves/Mittens: Gloves
Cell phone/Pager: Cell phone
Boxers/Briefs: *shrug*
Pen/Pencil: Pencil
Long Hair/Short Hair: Medium
McDonalds/Burger King: BK, all the way.
Chinese food/Italian food: Had Chinese for lunch. :-D
Math/English: Math

1 minute ago: This survey
1 hour ago: Finding out how badly the Boyers were hurt in the car accident. :-(
1 year ago: Starting work at Lucent
What was the last movie you saw? Mean Girls
Last time you went to the movies? Shrek 2
What was the last song you listened to? Penny and Me, by Hanson (was on the ra-did-io)
What did you last eat? Pork Pork Fried Rice
What did you last drink? Java Chip Frappicino at Starbucks. (shared a Grande with Liz)
Last time you travelled out of the state county? Moving from NY to PA
Where to? See above
Last CD you bought? the soundtrack to the play Blue
When was the last time you got totally drunk off your arse? Never. *yea* me!
Stoned? Never-ever-ever
Last time you showered? This morning. :-D
Brushed your teeth? This morning
Smiled? About 5 seconds ago
Laughed? My sister always makes me laugh. Had lunch with her.
Cried? Last night
Last book you read? Still trying to read Damascus Gate
Last thing you bought? The Frap @ Starbucks

Getting' married? We can only hope
Honeymoon ideas? Something adventurous
Children? Hopefully!
[If so] How many? 1-3
Any name preferences? I've got a list somewhere... it'd be nice to name them after some of my deceased relatives.

.:Lovey Dovey:.
So.. you with anyone? Nope
Well, if you don't have a main squeeze right now... any crushes? Always ;-)

.:Random [you knew it was coming]:.
Do you have any bad habits? Have to stop chewing my fingers and picking at my face!
Ever sing Karaoke? (stolen from Daniel) Occasionally... Acappella does that to you
Have you ever passed out? More times than I'd like to count, unfortunately. Not fun. Usually happens when I'm really sick.
Killed someone? I don't think so!
Killed some...thing? I kill bugs all the time. But only the bad ones. :-P
Named inanimate objects? OH, yeah. But I'm not as good as my brother at coming up with names. :-P
Pick up the closest book and type a random sentence: "Rosalie had 573 different swatches in her collection before she died" - The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin
What is your favorite color to write in ink with? Black - all the way
Ever kidnap someone? Why? yeeeesssss... but I can't give you any more details. :-P
Do you curse like a sailor? I try not to!
Do you like sushi? Ewww. no.
Have you ever gone to the movies and thrown stuff at the screen? No. Why?
Okay. So your house is burning down. What do you try and save? My computer!
How many TVs do you have in your house? 6. Some not in use. :-P (and 2 are hand-held)
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