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Because Heather sucks.

what/who was the last...
movie you rented: No Clue
movie you bought: Amelie, too bad I can't watch it.
song you listened to: Brothers Sing On, Brick City Singers
song that was stuck in your head: Stronger, Brittney Spears
song you downloaded: Qatsi - Desert Soul (my cousin's band)
cd you bought: soundtrack to the play Blue
cd you listened to: RIT Singers CD
person you called: Dad, to tell him we were on our way home
person that called you: Heather!
tv show you watched: Probably Full House or Two of a Kind. ABC Family is like crack.
person you were thinking of: Heather, Mike, my sista.

do/what do...
you wish you could live somewhere else: I'm hoping I don't in a week or so!
you think about suicide: I have, but not frequently and mostly because of stupid medication.
you believe in online dating: Yes, Virginia, Online Dating exists. Basically did it with Mike so... but do I think it's healthy? Not really. Ya gotta have some sort of a physical/face-to-face relationship with someone, I think.
you want more piercing: I've thought about getting a second in one of my ears, but I don't wear earrings as it is... maybe I'll get a second when my kids get their ears pierced. That would be cute.
you want more tattoos: Don't want any, thanks.
you drink: water, milk, OJ. While home? Iced Tea and coffee
you smoke: No way. But I always thought it would be interesting to try a cigar or a pipe.
you like cleaning: If I'm supposed to be doing something else? Yes.
you like roller coasters: *yea* Roller coasters! But some wooden ones hurt my chest.
you write in cursive or print: Kinda both... my writing stinks.
you carry a donor card: My license doubles as a donor card. And I've got my Red Cross blood donor card in my wallet, too.

have you...
ever cried over a guy: Oh, yes.
ever lied to someone: Yes.
ever been in a fist fight: Nope. But definitely have done the wrestling thing with the sibs.
ever been arrested: Thank goodness, no. Not that anyone ever had any reason to arrest me.

shampoo: The cheapest. Either V05 or White Rain
perfume: nada
shoes: Whatever I can find that fits.
are you scared of: I can never think of anything.

number of...
times your heart was broken: More than I could count. Mostly before I was 17.
hearts you broke: hmmm... 3 that I know of.
people you consider enemies: 3-4ish?
people from high school you stay in contact with: (stolen from Heather) 3 or 4... depends how 'close' 'stay in touch is'
cds you own: I could get up and count them, but I'm lazy. I'd estimate 50-ish
times your name has been in the paper: A lot: honor roll, graduation, candid photos, and then there were my days as a model for Hershey, and the whole birth thing.... :-)
things in your past you regret: 0. I make it a point to not regret.

general stuff
name: Catherine
age: 21
birthday: 5/28/83
location: Grantville/Hershey/Hummelstown/East Hanover Twp., PA
parents names: Al & Marianne
Siblings names: Elizabeth, Albert (who has decided to go by Al Germann, Jr)
pets names: Ozzie(cat!)
appearance: medium height, medium hair length, strawberry blonde, green/hazel/grey eyes, glasses... OH, yeah, female. :-)
most attractive person you know: hmm... probably one of my sisters friends.
first person you thought was hot: That is just too hard. (um, no pun intended)
things that make them attractive: (no order) sense of humor, body-type and how they pull it off, hair, intellegence, etc.

which of your friends...
drinks the most: Liz K? *shrug*
is the smartest: Lindsay. :-)
is the most athletic: Hm... Definitely my sister.
will get married first: Katie Rosato is already married! Melissa Deal is next! What's with these LD people?
has bad luck with the opposite sex: Everyone does. Can't say I can think of someone who hasn't! (well, maybe I could... but they've had their own problems with the people they're attracted to. :-P )



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