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Birthday Weekend!

Started off the day with lots of anxiety. I had a doctors appointment around 10am to have a Nerve Conduction Test done on my wrist and arms and a EMG on the same body parts. The nurse/technician was awesome and so nice. She did a wonderful job performing the test on me. It didn't really hurt at all like I thought it would, and actually, the first couple levels of shocks tickled (it felt like the shocks you get from static electricity!) and I laughed because some of the stronger electro-pulses made my arm move. Freaky/cool. The doctor came in to examine the results.....

He told me that I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, I've got great nerves! He didn't even see the need to do the EMG. I cried. Now I don't know what is wrong with me, and I'm still having pains. GAH! It's so frustrating. But at least the whole thing was over in like 15-20 minutes -- AND I had plenty more birthday-fun to look forward to.

Kids were out of school so we got to do some nothing together. It's always great to be able to flip on the TV knowing you're not procrastinating at all. Did a load of laundry or two.

Went to Al Met. in Hummelstown for dinner. REALLY fancy restaurant. I had swordfish - yummy. Albert had Wild Boar Bacon wrapped Buffalo Meatloaf. It was REALLY GOOD. And everyone was quiet behaved, well mannered, civilized, and polite. Wonderful dinner - too bad all of them aren't like that! :-P Saw Mr. Papson (general manager of Choc. World and family friend) and Liz's friend from school. The three over-21-ers had wine. I had a lovely glass of Riesling. Mom's was really good too, some sort of German thing. :-) Got a call from Heather as we were getting the check. She was sitting in the driveway! :-) Hurried home to meet her. :-) Albert was freaking - in a cute way. :-) Cindi arrived shortly after and we all went in the house. Had dessert and presents around 9:30ish... appropriate since I was born around that time. :-) Had a really great evening... people singing in tune for Happy Birthday! :-D That was exciting. Helped that I gave them a starting note. Stayed up talking with Cindi and Heather 'til around 12:30. :-)

We slept 'til we woke up. That's always nice. Unless you can't sleep past 6:30, then it's annoying. :-P Had a late breakfast and then decided to head to chocolate world -- during memorial day weekend. Yeah, we had a death wish. :-P Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We went on the ride, wandered around, and then I bored Cindi and Heather while I caught up with Becke Arline for a while. She's engaged and is planning a Christmas wedding. Sounds like it will be big, so there's a possibility I'll be invited. :-P

After HCW, we walked towards the park, looking in shops and checking out the Cows from the Cow Parade that were around. Then we drove around Hershey a bit, I drove them past more cows in the park (because I couldn't find the darned alley to park in to go to the park... grr - need to drive in Hershey more)... drove past the Reese factory and Hershey West. Drove past/around the High School. Checked to see if the Lollipop factory was open. No luck.

Drove home and then drove past East Hanover Elem and the Church. Home and had a quick lunch. Hung out. Listened to Hanson. ;-D Lindsay came for dinner - Hamburgers and Hotdogs before we headed over to the Giant Center for the circus. We got to see the animals outside before the show, and we got to see the clown pre-show, too! Only times we were allowed to take pictures. No pictures during the show.

Circus was AMAZING. I couldn't possibly begin to describe some of the stuff. Crazy Wilson, German Shepherds, Clowns with Bricks skit, Tightrope walkers, sway pole act, just a lot of amazing things.... It was difficult to take it all in, but no one went into shock, so that was good. :-P

After the circus, we all came back to the house and had coffee/tea and almond cake. It was fun. I love that my friends (Cindi, Heather, AND Lindsay) can hang out with my family and everyone has a good time. :-) After desert, Lindsay had to go, but she promised she'd be at church in the morning! Stayed up talking again. :-)

Up at 7:00am. Woke Cindi and said goodbye... :-/ She was leaving before everyone left for the 10:30 service. To church with Liz by 7:45. Warmed up and practiced my song. Got lots of praise. :-) Apparently I've been hiding my light under a bushel or something. :-P The 2 ladies in the choir that were going to be singing for the 8am service asked Liz and I to sing with them -- so we did! I robed up for the first time ever! It was very cool, random, and fun. Spontaneous churches! *yea* 8am Services went VERY WELL. Singing with the choir was fun. My solo went awesomely well. After service, ran around trying to find people and to give a hand. No one ever wants any help, though. :-/ :-P Silly people. Mom finally showed up and so did Albert. Had very strange sticky buns that were iced like cakes for the confirmands. Looked like cake - but no. Very weird. Too much icing... but not on the peanut butter frosting one. :-D That was good. Eating a not-so-chocolately muffin after that sugar over load? Not such a good idea. Tasted like bran or something equally yucky. :-P e.e And they sang happy birthday to me. It was very sweet of them, but I wish they had included the other people who had birthdays during the week... I felt unnecessarily singled out. *shrug*

Solo went nicely, but could have been better the second time around. Didn't sing with choir. Sat with Heather and rest of family. Lindsay and Mrs. Gottwald sat in balcony. A guy from the Patriot News was there... he even got a picture of Mom and Albert that might be in the paper! Really cool! Service felt really long since we did conformation AND I'd heard the whole thing before. I don't know how people can sit through 2 services. :-P

After church was over and we finally got out of there, we had sandwiches at home and then we headed to the Arts Fest in Harrisburg. Did a lot of walking around and looking at vendors. There were a lot more vendors this year, and it seemed a lot different going to the Fest with an Artist! Liz was very interested in styles and how people actually made their things. It was cool to listen to them talk about their processes and inspirations. It was also hard to keep track of 5 other people - but no one got lost, so all was well. Saw more Cows from the Parade and got KETTLE CORN! I like it a LOT more than I used to. We got a gigantic bag and not much was left when we got home. :-P Lots of fun. :-)

Got home by 5 so that Dad could put the turkey on the charcoal grill. 2+ hours til dinner... what should we do? Well, we played Mad Gab - the game Cindi got me for my birthday. Great game, stupid name though. We decided it should be called Syl AHHH bal. We played, sans most rules (like timing turns and keeping score), for almost 2 hours... switch teams when people got tired or had to do something... Heather, Liz, Albert, Mom, and I played... different teams and different times. Scary how Heather and Albert think alike. :-P We played through 1/8 of the puzzles! Wow! (that's 1/2 of the cards, on one side, A-puzzles, if you care). Brains broke. Couldn't speak in full sentences. Crazy!

Dinner was AWESOME. I love turkey - especially when cooked like that. :-) After dinner it was like 9:30 already. :-P Liz, Heather, and I went up to my room and watched Mean Girls and had almond cake for desert... after the movie was over, we stayed up talking 'til mom found us. :-P *yea* for talking! *yea*

Again, woke up when we woke up. Heather started reading True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, so I let her take it with her. (FYI, that's part of my permanent collection, so be nice to it!) Heather packed up and brought her stuff downstairs and then we ate some breakfast... checked the weather channel - rain, rain rain. Got my cards from her- sappy and funny (a tradition that I love). And she gave me a Harry Potter hand-held video game. Heather left around 12:30pm after much(and not enough, at the same time) lolly-gagging. :-P I played with the HP toy for a few hours and then went upstairs to do some more packing -- but ended up falling asleep for 2 hours... what an exhausting weekend! But jam-packed with good times! It was wonderful to be surrounded by my bestest friends and my family! :-D I don't think the weekend could have been ANY BETTER! :-)

(..okay, maybe Mike could have made it..but that's the only thing I can think of...)

Longest post ever. Took me a good hour and a half to write. At least. And I wasn't doing much else.


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Jun. 3rd, 2004 03:43 am (UTC)
"had coffee/tea and almond cake. " And I'm thinking... that was almond cake? I like almond, and I'm not allergic to it? Nice. 8-}

"Scary how Heather and Albert think alike." But it worked! We made a wicked team! 8-D
Jun. 3rd, 2004 05:22 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday! (belated, but well intended :) )
Jun. 3rd, 2004 05:35 am (UTC)
Jun. 3rd, 2004 07:50 am (UTC)
Happy (belated) birthday, old lady! ;-P
Jun. 3rd, 2004 08:27 am (UTC)
I'm sorry I missed your birthday :0( But It sounds like you had a great time!! (and to join in with the rest) Happy (belated) Birthday!!! :0)
Jun. 5th, 2004 10:52 am (UTC)
Salutations! Happy birthday! I don't know you, but I know heather. I noticed a capella as an interest... that's cool. I sing too (i'd major in it if there were more jobs). Peace!
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