Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

First Sunday (and Saturday)

Went to church this morning at Zumbro Lutheran in downtown Rochester. They've got 4 pastors - does anyone else think that's a bit extreme? Especially with the clergy-shortage? *shrug* The service was nice... a baptism and new member ceremony-thingy... and no communion. :-/ But I think I'll go next week and see how it is with less hub-bub and communion (the bulletin said there would be communion next week). On the way home from church, I stopped at Wal*Mart and got Milk, OJ, and 4 cinnamon buns for $0.86. I think I would have bought them even if I didn't like cinnamon buns! I'm such a sucker for a deal.

Went to Culvers and got a single cone of Brownie Thunder (there were 1-inch cubes of brownie in this stuff! AWESOME!) and a kids chicken tenders meal - to go. Nice. Culvers Custard does melt though. I had an interesting ride home. :-P

Came home, ate the kids meal on a plate.(*yea* for plates!) Chilled. I love chilling. Double checked that all my stuff was out of the car. Started charging my phone. (In fact, it's been charging ever since... ) Internet-ed.

Then I called Mike, 'cuz I said I would. We spent a solid hour and a half discussing Harry Potter. Not just the most recent movie (although that was the main topic) but the movies in general, how they mesh(or don't) with the books... which is better, why you can't compare them, etc, etc. Then we spent another hour talking about other stuff. Good times. I definitely missed that. Quote:

Mike - "I'm not violent man.....unless I'm blowing things up."

Then, more interneting. Made dinner... first official cooking here with more than one pan/pot. Made chicken and rotini. yummy. :-) Started watching "40 Days and 40 Nights" (RATED R!), but then Parents called.. so talked to them for like an hour or so. I love my cell phone and the whole free minutes on weekends thing. It makes things to by so much nicer. :-) Finished watching the movie. HAHAH... lots of good laughs. Not going to relate any of the humor in mixed company, though. :-P

Yesterday was pretty awesome. I slept 'til I woke up (around 10:30) took a shower, took a bath, and then lathered up with the sun block and went for a walk around the block. It was nice and relaxing. Planning to do that every weekend.. should get up earlier and expand the route. Did home-ly stuff the rest of the day. Left at about 6ish for meeting in the Starbucks in the Barnes & Nobles downtown. Parked in our parking garage (:-P) and then walked to the Barnes and Nobles. I was of course early and overdressed. It's like my mantra or something. And of course, me in a book store, alone, with my purse, and browsing. Not safe. Bought this book. Michael Chabon is awesome and now I've got another piece of awesomeness. I'm taking it off my wishlist right now. :-) It's softcover, too... much better for reading with my wrists. (Well, not actually reading with my wrists.. I use my eyes and my brain to read, but I've gotta be able to hold the stinkin' book, right?) Traversed up to the Starbucks and got a tall (that's small for those of you not in the coffee world) Carmel Frap. and sat and started reading my book (Bad Catherine! You haven't finished "Damascus Gate" yet!). Turned out the only other IBMer to show up was Pawan. But no matter, we had a great time. Chatted in Starbucks 'til 7:30 and then we walked over to the Civic Center through the skyways. Nice to not have to walk outside in the rain and thunder (again). :-) "The Rainmaker" (play) was great. Don't feel like writing a review.. maybe later. Had a great time hanging out with Pawan. :-) Thats it for now.
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