Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


This afternoon, I stood briefly in front of the vending machines in the break room thinking about making a purchase. Until I noticed the prices...

HOLY COW! How can everything else be so inexpensive around this place, but they charge 80-friggen-cents for a candy bar? Not only that, but the cheapest thing was 80 cents! Have I been living in some sort of vending-machine-less hole? Is this normal? Oh my goodness gracious...

The only reasonable prices were from the coffee machine. 50-80 cents depending on your choice in size/extras. Not bad. Didn't even need to pursue that option, though, I brought my own packet of instant capp. today and I used the lovely hot-water dispenser next to the sink to make it. *yea* Now there's a routine I could get into. But remind me to bring snacks from home. geez.
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