Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Went to SUPER SUPPER Wal*Mart tonight on the way home. :-P

Got a very strange assortment of things, but things of note:
Mike's Hard Lemonade (Had one with dinner)
*edit - first purchase of alcoholic beverages... yummy. :-D
A lovely rotisserie chicken (about 1/3 for dinner)
Broccoli, carrots(had in salad for dinner), nectarines, strawberries(DESSERT)
chocolate and other assorted candy (Hersheys! They've got chocolate twizzlers out here!)
Yogurt, sour cream, onion dip, and butter(stick and spread)

Oh, and then I got home (my car is so WORKING!) and then put together a salad and the above mentioned dinner items and ate out on the deck. :-) It is so lovely out. Luckily the bugs didn't find me 'til I was almost finished.

Thought I'd share, I don't know why. :-P
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