Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Random Musings...

I am smart.
Bought a large canister of cap. mix @ Walmart yesterday for approx. $2. 17 servings. That's 11 cents for each serving. Will last me more than a week. Horrah! Much better than getting packets. Brought canister, travel mug, and a spoon to work today. Will be leaving canister here. *yea* for smartness!

(WARNING: the link that follows may contain spoilers. do not click if you haven't read through book 5.)
I would like to meet a Boggart if only to see what it changes into. I still can't decide what it would change into ... (for those of you who are not Harry Potter inclined, a Boggart is a creature that turns into whatever you are most afraid of....) Comment on what a Boggart would turn into if you were confronted by one!

Also, I feel a slight cold coming on (probably from the up&down temperatures and the jolting transitions of going from a/c to the car and back)... I don't know how this will effect this weekends activities, but hopefully I will be peachy-keen for the SandBlast tomorrow. :-D I'm excited.

And my phone is speaking to me... well, the aliens are speaking to me through my phone. The sound that has haunted me through my computer speakers, car speakers, and various other places, has now started to come through the speaker of my speaker-phone. What evil is this? I'm not going to bother trying to figure the Morse Code because this time it is a steady, rhythmic pulse. Annoying.
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