Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

"Nostrums and Nonsense" or "Not My Marrie Gold, You Don't!" or "Mum's the Word!"

Three titles for the play, three times the cheese.

I should start from the beginning. As I drove around the block a few times to find a parking space, I really thought the place was going to be packed to the brim. I parked in front of the Bank. (that's what it said on the sign, BANK) Walked over to the Opera House and went in and purchased my ticket. I decided to go in and find a seat before they were all taken -- the place was empty. :-P I think everyone was standing around down the street watching the horse-drawn carriages give guided tours around the town. I think the theatre holds about 100 people. It was so cute! And the scenery on the stage consisted of live trees! That was pretty cool. As people filed in, I realized I was going to the be the youngest one there. :-P Turns out that there were a few kids, but I was the only person in the 17-35 age bracket there. :-P But it was fun. There was even audience participation! They had a pianist that played the sound track and at the beginning we were instructed to sigh, boo/hiss, and cheer/clap when certain themes were played (for certain characters). It was quite hilarious. The show only lasted about an hour, and was completely ridiculous. The whole thing was just too cheesy/corny for words, in a wonderfully fun kind of way. :-) After the show was over, I walked down to the Zumbro river and looked around, took some pictures, found a covered bridge, but was getting kinda dark, so I don't think my pictures came out as great as they could have (that, and my battery was dying! boo!). But I think I may go down there again tomorrow or some other weekend just to take pictures. It's a really pretty area, and only about a 20-30 minute drive from here. Maybe for the next Melodrama I will leave much earlier and hang around the town a bit, there are a few antiques stores that would be really fun to browse around. :-) And there's a marigold festival or something around Labor Day. so there's something else to do! So much to do. *yea*

EDIT: I would just like to mention that I got there without any maps or anything. I am awesome. :-) Go me.
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