Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Went to RochesterFest for lunch with Gosh (the Matt I'm renting from) and some of his friends. Took the shuttle from IBM downtown.... they had lots of carnival-type foods. Expendiatures as follows:

Beef Qasedillias: $6.00
Fresh Lemonade: $2.00
Large Strawberries & Cream: $3.50

Shuttle Bus: $1.00
Total: $12.50

Not bad. I wasn't going for rounds 3 & 4 like the guys did. I don't know how they were packing it in, 'cuz we were eating kinda fast. I did get to try some of Gosh's Fried Cheese Curds. Let me tell you, there is a God. :-P :-)

I'm hoping to get up early on Saturday and take pictures of the Hot Air Balloons. :-) Might get to do some other stuff if the Amusement park thing falls through. There's a dance thing and more balloons and such. We shall see. Fun, fun, fun.

Honkers Baseball tomorrow! I've gotta figure out who I'm riding with. Sounds like a bunch of people around here are going.
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