Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

'cuz you like it

Well, I decided to give you all another little lyrics quiz. Here's what I did
~ put a whole bunch of songs into winamp
~ mix 'em up, and then set play to random
~ pick one line from each song that plays, 'til you are bored.
~ see if anyone can guess what song the lyrics are from.

1) "It used to bring me power and now it only brings me electricity"

2) "Have I really lost my way? Have I lost my mind? Will I lose the day?"

3) "Don't go telling me lies tonight. Don't go promising me skies tonight."

4) "She's been with me now, quite a long long time, and I feel fine."

5) "I'm all this, and she's all that. She's all dog, and I'm all cat."

6) "And if my good fortune ever comes, here's to whatever comes."

7) "I went to try to try them on for size...."

8) "I've got posters on the wall, my favorite rock group KISS"

9) "You seem so far away, though you are standing near..."

10) "Gal, we do whatever we want to!"

11) "I quit every game I play, but forgive me...."

12) "...but you can't take the dough when you go, go go..."

13) "...whisper my name in the dark..."

14) "and you'll keep staring at the ground, you always do...."

15) "But all of a sudden now just through the smoke..."
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