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Went to a Rochester Honkers game today. hehe. Very local baseball. The stadium is downtown and it probably holds close to 3,000 people. We were on the FOX47 Deck -- all you can eat, burgers, dogs, brats, pork, soda, and beer (I was not brave enough to partake of the beer. :-P ). The food was very good. Game ended 4-3, and we lost. :-/ But it was a really close game, and it was fun/amusing/entertaining. Every time a foul ball when over the stands, the announcer had a sound effect of crashing glass and then he said something to the effect of "Need your Auto glass repaired? Call Rochester Auto Glass at 254 - " and then everyone would yell "ONE THOUSAND!!!" It was amusing the first 30 times. :-P It was kids day and there were a few day care groups. They were fun to watch dancing in the stands. I actually watched the game. It was painful at times, but I think I got to see every single play. There was even a home run by the Honkers! *yea* That was nifty. I put sun block (spf 30) on but I think my arms still got hit. not too bad, though. I think I get paid for all of today. :-D At least that's the rumor - I have to remember to ask specifically. I shouldn't have gone in so early. Second day in a row that I ate so much for lunch that I didn't feel hungry for dinner. :-P
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