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Last night:

copied from an AIM convo because I am lazy and tired

the plan was going to be to go to rochesterfest down town and hang out.
and see the hot air balloon glow
(the set them up on the ground tied up in the dark and use the flames to light them... looks really cool)
So, but I had a hankering for Chinese so I ordered some and went to pick it up.
and then I found a park to eat it in.
there was a picnic table and everything.

It was nice. Lots of redwing black birds. So then I was going to find parking where the glow was supposed to be, then I realized I didn't know where it was supposed to be. :-P (well, I knew the name of where it was supposed to be, just not where that was, exactly)
so I drove around downtown for a while looking for a place to park so that I could ask someone where it was.
And I ended up on 63 by mistake which took me further north than I wanted to be, so I pulled a U-y at the next traffic light. and there were 2 balloons in the air. :-)
So then, I went hot air balloon chasing.
I basically just didn't know where I was. :-P It was fun. :-D
And then I ended up following one of the balloon trucks. :-P
which was cheating, so I doubled back. :-P

There were 2 that were together, one landed behind a local elementary school (it was the Target balloon) and the other missed the field.... and landed in a culdisac on the other side of a row of houses. They walked the balloon down the street and between two houses back to the field! It was so exciting! There were lots of little kids around and they were all very excited and just thought it was the coolest thing to have a gigantic balloon in the backyard.

This is an interesting list:


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Jun. 25th, 2004 11:25 am (UTC)
Ahh it's always good to see "Springtime For Hitler" on any kind of song list. That made my day.
Jun. 25th, 2004 11:42 am (UTC)
I was excited to see that, too.... although, it would have been higher on my list, that's for sure. :-)

And now it's in my head. Definitely a work-appropriate tune. :-P
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