Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Almost 25 posts since I checked LJ last. Most of it was HP communities and the fanfic comm that I joined a few days ago. But still. Maybe that was because I basically went to bed at 10:30. Yeah. How about that? Um, and I got up at 11:45. Any one wanna do the math on that one? hehehe. Now I am going to get ready, eat some sort of lunch-type thing, and go to KOHLS!!!!! 50% of sale! :-D Looking for sandals and some less-dressy clothes for work. I am disliking feeling so much over dressed every day. :-/ Silly people. I don't know what I'm looking for exactly, so it should be interesting. I don't feel bad about having to buy new stuff 'cuz I don't have anything at home that would fit the bill either. Good to know, at least.

Realize last night that I haven't written any locked entries since I've been here. =-O

Also, this morning (if you call 11:45 morning) was the first time that I've known where I was before I opened my eyes. That was kinda weird/kinda cool. :)

Now I venture forth to the outside world! :-) Maybe I'll see a movie today, too. *shrug* Call me if you want to chat! :-D
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