Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Band/lyrics thingie from mountainheather

Take a band.. just one mind you... and use titles from some of their songs to answer the following questions.

Band: Three Dog Night

Male or Female?
Lady Samantha

What do others think of you?
Liar (:-P)
One Man Band

What do you think of yourself?
I Can't Get Enough of It
Feelin' Alright

What would your friends say about you?
Sure as I'm Sittin' Here

Describe your last boyfriend/girlfriend:
Ain't That a Lotta Love
Try a Little Tenderness

Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend:
One (is the loneliest number)

Where do you want to be?
Never Been To Spain

How do you Live?
Show Must Go On
Play Something Sweet
Out in the Country
Celebrate(Dance to the Music)

How do you Love?
Let Me Serenade You
Old Fashioned Love Song

A Few Words of Wisdom:
Change Is Gonna Come
Easy to Be Hard
Eli's Coming

(some I just couldn't choose!)
And thank you
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