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Question 11.

Okay, the 'question' I omitted from the last entry is:

"11 people you'd want to stay alive (in no particular order)"

Now, this is something that really bothers me. It seems selfish to me to want anyone to stay here when we don't know what is beyond. Okay, stick with me on this one... I'm still working it out myself... I think that the main reason that people greive when someone dies, is for themselves. The death of someone that you were close to or your life was influenced by triggers sadness. People confuse this to be for the person that died, but it is really for themselves. They have lost someone... when I grieve, I can't help but be upset at myself for being upset because the person is gone from my life.

Just as a more universal example, John Lennon's death affected millions of people. They all greived. They greived because they knew that in one man's death humanity had lost a great source of amazing music and inspiration. Is this right?

Of course, this is the normal human reaction, but should it be?

Even Socrates, a very scientifically oreinated man, believed that the human soul is immortal. If this life is just one of many, why should anyone wish to stay here or keep anyone else here?

Someone comment on this, please.
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