Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Italy, in review

Well, I just got off the phone with Heather. It's just after 10pm at the Lake Majorus or however you spell it. I thought I'd do a little review of her trip so far from what I've heard:

~A safe, and uneventful flight - but no sleeping on the plane
~Everything on the plane was in German. (German airlines ROCK!)
I~Internet withdrawal causes Heather to go insane.
~Pay toilets without seats. What?
~So many Cathedrals that seeing another Cathedral is like "oh, another 500+ year-old building with amazing architecture and gorgeous inside. Boring."
~The bodies of dead saints that are more disgusting than a religious experience if you aren't Catholic.
~Weird computers without mice.
~Toilet stalls without doors. Eew.
~One side of Heather's headphones stopped working, again causing insanity for the bearer of said headphones.
~Lots of bonding time with female cousins.
~Venice has dirty water. Don't let your dogs swim in the canals unless you want them to have the ability to glow in the dark.
~An incident with a running toilet in the hotel room that resulted with a hot plumber in nice clothing coming to their room at some late hour of the night.
~A blister the size of Heather's head on her pinky toe. Owwies.
~A late night trip to a footwear store to figure out European shoe sizes and hopefully find something to fit around Heather's constantly-growing foot.

And that concludes the first 9 days of Heather's trip in Italy. More to follow. :-P
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